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  1. I love crows and raven, because they are very intelligent. When I was a little girl, a raven came to us, sit down on the table and looked at me with his black eyes. He was such a nice-looking bird. And all the people in the Garden- Café gave him cookies and cake. He lived there many years. I never forgot him.
    Excuse my bad english…. I hope, you understand my rubbish

    • I love crows and ravens, too, dear Ingrid. When one of these big black birds is sitting near me in the morning while I’m waiting for the bus, I sometimes talk to it, and often have the impression, that it is able to understand me. 😉
      Your English is excellent, dear Ingrid, and no rubbish! <3

  2. Oh My God, what a brilliant story. A father reborn as a crow, and his daughter hates the very sight of him of course. So powerful.

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