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Glück ist die Summe schöner Momente

Footprints – #writephoto…

I know dear Sue, this story has been already told very, very often, but it was the first that came into my mind when I saw the picture of the footprints on the beach…

At the end of my earthly existence I stood with the Creator of the Universe by my side. We where looking at the allegory of my life – a broad and white sandy beach with two lines of footprints, that where interrupted here and there. I pondered over this image a long time, then I turned to the Creator of the Universe: „May I ask You one question?“

It nodded softly smiling. „Sure.“

Once You‘ve promised me to be always on my side.“

Yes. And I kept my promise. I always do.“

Would You then please tell me, why there is only one line of footprints during the darkest hours of my life?“

Because I did carry you then, my beloved child.“…

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