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  1. That truly is a sad tale…. there are indeed parents who destroy their children’s confidence that way and are broken.

  2. Das ist bestimmt eine schöne Geschichte, aber ich kann mir nur partiell erschließen, den „myenglish is verry, verry bad“, leider 😭, und mein Wörterbuch steht seeeehr weit oben im Regal…..

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  4. My wife describes her relationship with her mother this way although there was no actual poisoning involved.

    • I do hope your wife does well despite the psychological terrorism of her mother… I think the best solution in such cases is to break up the relationships – if possible…

      • My mother-in-law has been dead for many decades and my wife and I have since become parents and grandparents, so I’m sure she’s through the worst of it. Thanks.

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