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    • It is not really a tale, dear Sue. In the middle of the seventeenth century the beautiful Princess of Savoy, Henriette Adelaide, had really been married to the Bavarian Prince Ferdinand Maria. Both were thirteen years old, and their marriage took place in procuram in Turin. They first met personally two years later, after Henriette Adelaide had crossed the Alps with a gigantic wedding procession. Ferdinand Maria has not been a very attractive young man, rather on the contrary, he was shy and awkward. So the first sexual intercourse with his wife could have happened the way I tried to describe it.

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  3. Wow! Great story and your description of the pain is so well captured. Horrible that it is based on a true story but I think it is important these stories are re-told so that the future can learn from them. Great Job. KL <3

  4. I normally read pretty fast but I had to slow myself down to absorb the detailed language involved in your tale. Well done.

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